About Muzunga

Muzunga was one of our family Rhodesian Ridgebacks, consequently, we have decided to make use of her name in remembrance of such a graceful lady. Muzunga has been derived from Mazunga, which is  a village in the Beitbridge District in the province of Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe. It is a station on the Beitbridge Bulawayo Railway.


History and Characteristics

The Rhodesian Ridgeback was developed by Cornelius van Rooyen, mainly in Matabeleland (Rhodesia). The principal breeds used were Khoikoi(Hottentot Hunting Dog,), Greyhound, Bulldog, Pointer, Irish Terrier, Airdale Terrier, Collie, and Deerhound. We attribute the kinky tail problem in the modern Ridgeback to its Bulldog antecedents, and the brown nose (or liver nose) examples we relate to noses of the same colour in the Pointers that were used.

Ridgebacks were bred to survive the harsh conditions of Africa, had to be easy to take care of and inexpensive to maintain. A good hunting dog was required, with great stamina and endurance to cover long distances on hunting journeys.  Agility was key to escape, in case cornered by dangerous game, e.g. lions.  Ridgebacks are most loyal companions.

2016 - Andiswa Breeders - Daniel Coetzee for ZCMC - 30.07.2016-05784

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is dignified and reserved toward strangers. With his family, he’s a quiet, gentle companion, one who’s able and willing to defend his home and people if the need arises. The Ridgeback is a  strong, confident dog, a dog who encompasses gentleness, hardheadedness, and a sense of humor in a short-haired, easy-care package.

My love for them

My love for Rhodesian Ridgebacks started in 1989, when my folks got the family our first female, Luxa. We were a very active family, and it just made perfect sense having another running companion. From there on, my heart was sold.

I adopted my first female in 2007 Sasha.She was my companion, and completely changed my life. The amount of love, sympathy, truly beautiful nature, just overflowing. She was my running companion, my gDSC04043.JPGuardian angel, always by my side, ready to protect me with all her might.

Still to today, their intelligence, sense of humour, loyalty amazes me. I love watching Rhodesian Ridgebacks running at full stride, nothing more breath-taking. I am totally in love with my 3 ‘backs’: Cayden, Jinaid and Xavier, with Sasha passing on, but engraved in our hearts.

Once you revert to getting a Rhodesian Ridgeback, you will never look back.